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A Full Service Tree & Landscape Company

Columbus, OH


A Full Service Tree & Landscape Company

Columbus, OH
We are a full-service tree & landscape company. We offer high quality landscaping, hardscaping and tree services.

Services Offered:

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of soil when there is a desired change in ground elevation that exceeds the angle in which soil will stay in place on its own.

Fence Installation & Repair

Installing a fence adds security, privacy and aesthetic to any home. Materials can be wood, vinyl or chain link. Custom plastic dog windows can be added. They allow your pouch to look out while still protecting your privacy.

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is more than just a decorative stone ditch. It serves a purpose to move water from one location to another. It can also be combined with a curtain drain to catch surface water.

Yard Drains

Standing water in your yard can be an ever-growing issue and health hazard. Standing water can kill grass, make your yard muddy and be a breeding ground for mosquitos. Yard drains can be installed to move water from one location to another or used to store water below ground, where it can slowly drain out into the subsurface.

French Drains & Curtain Drains

A french drain is placed underground to move water from one location to another or retain water in a pipe to act as a dry well.

Curtain drains essentially do the same thing that french drains do - get rid of the water. The main difference is that french drains deal more with groundwater while curtain drains have more to do with surface water. Curtain drains are built in a very similar way to french drains, but the depth is shallower.


When foundation grade is properly established, the land slopes away from the home and uses gravity to direct rainwater and snowmelt away from the foundation. A proper grade is the key to preventing excess water from compromising the foundation's integrity. Incorrect foundation grading can cause a host of problems, including swamp-like lawns, damp and leaking basements and even cracked foundation walls - all of which are time-consuming and costly to repair.

Aeration & Overseeding

The older your grass is, the slower it reproduces itself. This service makes your lawn grow thicker and healthier, choking out weeds and diseased grass with new seed. We generally do overseeding when we aerate or dethatch.

Lawn, Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Have you fed your trees this year?  If not, they may be quite hungry, if not starving. Ask about our organic fertilization options for your lawn, trees and shrubs!

Trees should be fertilized in October, or in April as soon as the frost leaves the ground.  By fertilizing in the fall, some of the nutrients will have a chance to be absorbed by the roots and will already be in the ground when the roots resume functioning in the spring.

A tree may be getting adequate nutrients from the soil already, but it may benefit from additional fertilizer to keep it growing at its best.  A healthy, vigorous tree is much less susceptible to attacks from disease, insects, and other stresses.


Mulch retains water and gradually releases nutrients into the soil. It also suppresses weed growth and helps slow erosion. Promote healthier plant growth by applying mulch.

Low-Maintenance Landscape Installation

Ever wish you didn’t have so much yard work? Wish you had a nice landscape without paying for a weekly or monthly service to keep it nice? We specialize in designing a landscape that requires minimal maintenance. This type of landscape will normally incorporate stone and river cobble, as well as plants that require little to no care.

Spring Yard Clean-Up

Give your yard the jump start it needs after the winter season. We will rake up the old leaves and debris, trim your shrubs and remove the top layer of old mulch. Flower beds are edged and new mulch is installed.

Fall Yard Clean-Up

Prepare your lawn and garden for the winter. We will rake up and collect fallen leaves and debris, prune your shrubs, remove annual flowers, prune your perennials and prepare shrubs and plants for the winter as needed.

Bed Edging

Prevent your lawn from growing into your flower beds and mulch from entering your lawn by maintaining a sharp edge. We can help you go a step further by installing retaining wall block and/or a decorative edging.

Shrub & Tree Pruning

Trimming and pruning is a necessary part of encouraging vigorous and healthy growth for any tree or shrub. While trimming keeps your shrubs looking great and their growth controlled, pruning also stimulates healthy new growth.

Green Tree Sevices

Green Tree offers a wide range of tree services. Whether you need tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding or general tree service, we have you covered. Ask today for a free evaluation and recommendation for all of the trees on your property.

Link to the National Tree Benefit Calculator then input your zip code and tree species information to determine the value and benefits your tree provides.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

The terms trimming and pruning are generally used interchangeably and that is generally acceptable, but there is a difference. We refer to pruning as the removal of dead, diseased, or structurally compromised branches. Tree trimming can be thought of as controlling or cutting back overgrown trees. Trimming is usually used to describe landscape care on shrubs and bushes. Pruning trees and trimming trees enhances a tree’s appearance and helps to provide a happy and healthy life span.  Proper tree maintenance can minimize storm damage, improve structural integrity, and provide much-needed clearance for sidewalks and building structures.

Tree Removal

Though we prefer not to remove trees, sometimes it is a necessary course of action. We remove trees both manually or with a portable lift. All of our trimming and pruning standards comply with ANSI A300 standards and meets the professional expectations of The Internal Society of Arboriculture.

Stump Grinding

After the tree is removed, we can remove that unsightly stump. We can also haul the chips and return the area back to grass, if needed.

Tree Stump Removal & Repair

Tree removal always leaves behind a stump where the last cut is typically made and this leaves roots still in the ground along with a small portion of the base of the tree. Leaving the stump behind can potentially be a liability for you if someone trips or falls because of the stump. If left naturally to decompose, it can take decades to fully rot out.

After the tree is removed, we can grind that unsightly stump using state of the art stump grinder equipment. We can also haul the chips and return the area back to grass, if needed.

Tree & Shrub Planting/Relocating

Trees and shrubs are assets to your property.  They increase the value of your home while creating privacy and enhancing the curb appeal and the aesthetics of your property. Trees can provide needed shade to buildings and walkways and may also provide a stress reliever to those around them.

To receive the many benefits that trees have to offer, it is important that the correct species are planted in the correct locations.  We can determine which varieties will flourish best in particular locations and soil types and carefully plant your new tree.

Tree moving takes specialized care and skill to minimize any harmful effects when transplanting the tree. Should you want or require a tree or plant to be relocated, our specialists are equipped to handle the multiple factors that must be acknowledged to safely and successfully transplant your tree.


We can design custom paver patios and fire pits.


We will repair your deck or design and build a new deck.

Tree Health & Treatments

We fertilize trees and treat for all plant and tree disease, with a focus on Oak Wilt. We provide treatments for Ash, Oak, Maple, River Birch and more. We can also fertilize trees and shrubs and provide root stimulators on new installs to boost health and growth.

Green Tree was one of the first to spot Oak Wilt in Ohio in 2018. We are currently working with homeowners and other tree professionals to help slow the spread of this devastating disease. Use caution if a company wants to trim your Oak during late spring and summer. Cutting during these times can increase the likelihood of oak wilt.

Ask today for a free evaluation and recommendation for all of the trees on your property.

Snow Removal

Accepting contracts for commercial snow removal.

Custom Work:


For most of our customers, the standard 6ft style dog ear or picket style fence works great. Others want to add some flair or maybe have a specific style or need in mind. View our picture gallery to see custom fence work available in wood, chain link or vinyl.

We can do a horizontal build. This will make a small yard look larger.

We can incorporate custom built planter boxes.

Patios & Seating Areas

We can design custom paver patios, fire pits and seating.


We would love to design and build your new single or multi-level deck or repair/upgrade your current deck.

Sitting Areas

We design and build custom seating areas to work with your budget. From simple seating areas with gravel and a fire pit to wooden log seating, we like to combine elements of wood and block to give a unique and custom look to every job. Request a custom consultation today!

Indoor Decorative Barn Door Install

Green Tree’s owner, Josh is known as the “barn door guy” as he designs, builds and installs exquisite custom barn doors to replace any door in your home or add additional security to glass exterior doors.

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  • Fence Install and Repair
  • Retaining Wall Install
  • Grading and Yard Drainage Solutions
  • Mulch and River Rock Install
  • Landscaping Spring and Fall Clean-Up
  • Yard Aeration, Over Seeding, Turf Repair and Fertilization
  • Tree Trim and Removal
  • Stump Removal and Clean Up

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"We had a tree branch from an Oak come down the day before Thanksgiving. Green Tree came out gave a reasonable price and removed it that same day, so I could have my broken window replaced before we hosted Thanksgiving."

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